Who we are

Established in 2023, the “Réseau Interdisciplinaire de Santé” (RISA), formed as an Association, brings together a group of specialists from the medical and complementary medicine fields.

The goal of Integrative Medicine is to offer the best of allopathic and/or complementary medicine to our patients whilst respecting their interests and wishes.

Our multidisciplinary team welcomes patients in all areas of functional and organic medicine. The aim is to identify and treat the underlying causes of health issues. The idea being that a health issue may have multiple causes, and a cause may have multiple effects.

Our priorities

The major axes that we are progressively developing are as follows:

Scientific validation of the process of prescribing complementary examinations,

Guidance and assistance in the interpretation of functional biology results,

Validation of therapeutic choices, particularly in the field of natural remedies,

Systematically relying on present or external expertise in case of therapeutic challenges.

Our committee

Each member of this committee has been carefully selected for their extensive expertise and commitment to improving healthcare.

Dr Philippe MONNIER


Dr. in Osteopathy (LU de S / SuisseOstéo-CDS); Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shanghaï University); Certif. European Traditional Natural Medicine (ORTrA); Micronutrition (IEDM-SSM)

phm@ri-sante.ch | 022 786 17 10



Specialist FMH Internal Medicine

cam@ri-sante.ch | 022 346 44 14

Dr Léopold KUN


Dentist / Naturopathic Physician

lek@ri-sante.ch | 022 348 61 11



Psychologist-Psychotherapist FSP; Psychodynamic/CBT; Mindfulness Instructor (MBSR/MBCT); Breath Therapy

sya@ri-sante.ch | 078 824 02 27

Ms Erika Roch


err@ri-sante.ch | 079 919 13 29


Our approach

Following and coordinating our patients integrative treatments is crucial for the professionals involved. In this regard, a simple and highly efficient digital information flow system ensures seamless exchanges between partners.

The “BRAIN” approach for informed decision-making is the framework we draw inspiration from, as defined below:


  • What are the advantages associated with this decision?
  • What positive outcomes will result from it?
  • Why do you think it is necessary at this stage?
  • What makes you believe we should do this?


  • What are the risks associated with this decision?
  • Are they more significant than the benefits or are they negligible?


  • What are the alternatives?
  • What other options could we consider before proceeding with this?


  • What is my gut feeling?
  • Are we taking the time to reflect on the information we have just provided?
  • Is it an allopathic, complementary, or
    integrative medicine protocol?

Do Nothing

  • What would happen if we did nothing?
  • What would happen if we waited?
  • What would be the consequences of doing nothing or waiting?

Our network

Integrative medicine makes use of a combination of diverse therapies alongside patients’ own resources, considering them as a holistic entity.

Within the RISA network, our members consistently communicate the individual expertise they have developed over the years with one another. Our exchanges between specialists are systematic (with informed consent from patients) whenever a consultation is shared. This ensures the optimization of therapeutic decisions and the coordination of integrative processes.

The secure platform used guarantees compliance with federal data protection standards.

Our partners

RISA collaborates with various partners to offer the widest range of investigations and treatments possible.