Ethics charter

The “Réseau Interdisciplinaire de Santé” (RISA) is a network of independent healthcare practitioners with a local and regional focus.

As an association, RISA’s objectives are as follows:




  • Actively contributes, through appropriate means, to the realization and promotion of integrative medicine, holistic medicine, and any form of humanistic medicine.
  • Facilitates professional exchanges among members.
  • Promotes meetings and exchanges between members with similar concerns.
  • Seeks the advice of other members regarding patients’ health and treatments when these fall outside the scope of their expertise.
  • Brings together diverese skills to meet the expectations of patients.
  • Prioritizes and develops the conditions for a local and regional, sustainable, and transparent integrative healthcare.
  • Contributes to the integration of newly graduated professionals into the network.
  • Reflects on social connection and the importance of this connection among our practices, referring to the dynamics of the cultural identity of our network and balancing personal and professional life.
  • Commits to providing, in addition to their CV and motivation letter, proof of their diplomas, certifications, and administrative documents (including practicing rights and liability insurance) upon written application for admission.
  • Certifies having read and fully accepted the RISA statutes.




  • Receive them with mutual respect.
  • Act with humanity by respecting their fundamental rights, needs, and freedom of choice.
  • Listen to conscientiously, taking into account their experiences and environments.
  • Respond to patients’ questions when they are within their scope of expertise and ensure the understanding of the patient, as well as that of their loved ones and/or caregivers, if applicable.
  • Respect their privacy, modesty, and individual personality, as well as the confidentiality of exchanges and safeguard of their health data within the framework of professional secrecy.
  • Promote prevention at the core of their practice.
  • Provide them with care as part of their healthcare journey, in collaboration with other healthcare professionals and medico-social actors.
  • Refer them to another healthcare professional in case of unavailability or for advice and/or additional care.
  • Ensure the relevance of their care.
  • Deliver quality care, particularly following the recommended guidelines that they regularly update through continuous education.
  • Provide care in compliance with regulations.